About Bardwell Creative

Business Bankruptcy Alternatives

Bardwell Creative is a business debt workout firm that specializes in advanced debt negotiation, reduction, and elimination with a focus on business restructuring without bankruptcy.

We remove business debt enabling companies to continue operations with a positive cash flow that will meet their overhead putting them back on the path of profitability.

When a business owner needs to exit a business, we provide the means to do so by releasing them from unserviceable liabilities.


Defense – We Protect You

When a company finds itself in default of a loan or Merchant Cash Advance debt it must take a defensive position to protect itself from bank account seizure, equipment liquidation, or the numerous ways in which creditors can gain access to accounts and the operating needs of a company.

Daily or Weekly Withdrawals – Stopping the Flow

We immediately execute our strategies to stop automatic withdrawals from bank accounts or merchant credit/debit card account.


All our strategies are designed to work in the business realm and as an alternative to business bankruptcy. We do not play in the courtroom and do not enter you into lengthy legal battles with lawyers fees stacking up as if they were just more MCA debt you will have to pay back. Creditors rarely want to force companies into business bankruptcy and will negotiate a fair settlement when pushed, and we put our clients into a position of fair play.

Make no mistake – creditors will not play fair unless forced. Fair in our realm means our clients get to make decisions on their businesses, their future, and their money. We put our clients into positions of control concerning their companies allowing them to properly function and pay essential bills. We put their debt troubles behind them.


It may be hard to believe, but we actually negotiate with creditors in a cooperative effort but only while representing the best interests of our clients. Creditors are formidable negotiators and have the law on their side, but they understand that although they may have won a judgment or can get one, it doesn’t mean they can collect every dime.


A creditor will use any means to gain access and take your cash if you default on a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA). If you have taken on an MCA, then you will have undoubtedly signed an agreement allowing the MCA creditor to take aggressive action to gain access to any of your cash they can find.

Some creditors will even contact your customers and demand they send invoice payments directly to them. We have spoken to many business owners who do not believe this can happen. Depending on the agreement signed a creditor might be free, based on legal remedies, to try and collect on company invoices. The results can wreak havoc on client relationships and destroy any future business.

We prepare all our clients for potential and inevitable outcomes of aggressive collections efforts. Careful planning is necessary for business survival.

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