Business Debt Relief & Restructuring

Business Bankruptcy Alternatives

Bardwell Creative is made up of a skilled team dedicated to smart, aggressive, and strategic business debt reduction and elimination. We operate in the business realm and stay out of the litigation realm. Our strategies and systems are an alternative to business bankruptcy.

We specialize in dealing with aggressive Merchant Cash Advance creditors.

If you are in default of an MCA or experiencing pressure from aggressive creditors contact us immediately for a free consultation.

Here is an article on how Merchant Cash lenders use Confession of Judgments to gain control of bank accounts, harass, and destroy small businesses.

Out-of-Court Restructurings - Debt Workouts

Financial Distress Resolution

Our primary focus is on negotiated debt settlement particularly Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) which when stacked one upon the other strangle businesses. We protect our client's financial well-being, restructuring debt, enabling proper cash-flow and operation. When appropriate we can create an exit strategy that provides business owners a way out of staggering debt. All our strategies are centered around out-of-court restructurings which is a term that is also known as "debt workout."

Along with our unique mixed background of technical qualifications, strategies and cutting-edge systems we are committed to professional excellence and client success.

The Result

An effective restructuring and debt settlement will create a leaner company with improved efficiencies, enhanced organization, with a new focus on its core business including a strategic plan and financial systems.

We negotiate debt settlements in these areas:

Merchant Cash Advance (MCAs)

Franchise Debt Turnaround
Vendor Debt
Unsecured Loans
Commercial Secured Loans
Defaulted Mortgage Debt
IRS 941 Payroll Tax
Property and Equipment Leases

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