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Commercial (Business) Debt Settlement & Restructuring

Debt Workout

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Debt Relief

MCA debt issues can present the greatest immediate threat to the short-term and long-term survival of small and now medium-sized businesses. Daily withdrawals can cripple cash flow. Based on contractual agreements with MCAs creditors can and will extract every dollar from any bank account where they can gain access.

Unsecured Loan Settlements & Vendor Debt

Unsecured Debt, which includes vendor debt, is a promise of an entity to pay for products, materials, services, etc. after the date they were received. If the entity gets dissolved, then the debt that was attached to it goes with it. Vendor debt is the most straight-forward debt to workout because there is no collateral backing up the debt.

Property, Machine, & Equipment Lease Settlement

Creditors loan money or extend credit to debtors and in return, they will have obtained a security interest in the debtor’s property. The security interest is called collateral.

They lend businesses money to buy equipment and inventory which they will secure in the transaction (secured transaction) turning the equipment and inventory into collateral (collateralized.)

Landlords have security because they can lock the doors when you go into default.

Based on these factors we have created strategies and processes that enable businesses to keep essential equipment and stay in their location.

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