Next Steps – What should I do now?

Contact us now for a free consultation so we can begin to strategize to successfully protect your business from creditors, get you back to positive cash flow, and reduce or eliminate your debt. 

Can you stop the daily cash withdrawals?

Yes. Our strategies and processes protect you from these heavy daily financial burdens.

Is my bank account safe from being seized?

No – If a creditor knows where your bank accounts are they can attach them after you are in default and take all the money from your accounts. They will not alert you beforehand.

How did the creditor get the right to seize my account?

You signed an agreement giving them the right to seize any funds repeatedly and it is backed up by Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code also known as UCC Article 9.

They can’t really seize my employee’s payroll, can they?

Yes, they can and they will because they do not distinguish between what money is assigned to payroll or anything else and they do not care.

I own a franchise can you help me?

Yes, franchise agreements will not get in our way helping you reduce your debt or exiting the franchise.

But I own multiple franchises with millions of dollars in MCA debt can you help me?

Yes, you can own dozens of franchises and we will have no issue resolving the challenges facing you.

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