The Business Debt Settlement Course FAQs

Account Seizure

Category: Account Seizure
You might have signed a contract giving a creditor the right to seize any funds repeatedly. If you default and your creditor knows your bank accounts locations, they can (will) seize your money without prior notification. This course shows you how to minimize that risk.
Category: Account Seizure

Yes, they can and will because they do not distinguish between what money gets assigned to payroll or anything else. Creditors and collectors do not care.

Course Price

Category: Course Price

Until now, the only options for small businesses struggling with debt have been to declare bankruptcy, hire a debt relief agency, or an attorney. These specialists often require a monthly retainer that may last for months or years, and bankruptcy often destroys the business. Our course eliminates the need for any of these options, and the one-time cost of the course, $2500, is less than the average monthly retainer fees of other companies.

Course Work

Category: Course Work

After completing the steps necessary to protect your accounts, the negotiation process takes about an hour or two a week until you achieve a settlement. An employee, or someone you trust, can use this course to negotiate with creditors on your behalf. We have 3rd party templates for all creditor communications.

Category: Course Work

The “fill-in-the-blank system” for communicating with creditors makes writing emails easy. Phone scripts simplify the communication process and help you avoid missteps with duplicitous creditors.

Category: Course Work

This course gives you “breathing room” to build up settlement funds and establish settlement offers. Whether it takes two weeks or two years, the creditor is on your timeline now.

Category: Course Work

Educate yourself to avoid being taken advantage of by debt collectors and debt relief companies. Bardwell Creative gives you the tools to make your own decisions based on a systematic solution.

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