Business Bankruptcy Alternatives

Debt is often the leading cause of companies to consider business bankruptcy, and they can even be forced into bankruptcy by creditors. Bankruptcy is executed in the legal realm which means there are lawyers to pay, and a judge finally decides everything. The business entity is usually dissolved in the process, and there is no guaranteed positive outcome for business owners. The personal liabilities often remain.

When a company is burdened by too much debt, it must take action to secure its future if it is going to survive. Business bankruptcy is a sure way to kill off a company. Debt workout is at the top of the list of bankruptcy alternates to help businesses recover and thrive.

What Is a Debt Workout?

Debt workout refers to out-of-court debt restructuring outside of insolvency and bankruptcy law to financially rescue businesses faced with cash flow problems. Its process is designed to renegotiate and reschedule delinquent debt with both debtors and creditors participating voluntarily. The goal is to allow a company to continue operations by restoring liquidity and improving positive cash flow to allow profitability.

There is a myriad of details to take into account when designing a debt workout strategy. A company may need restructuring, debt consolidation, leases to consider, personal liabilities, downsizing, vendor changes, etc.

A bankruptcy requires the same level of details and more because it operates in the legal realm. A debt workout remains in the business, and everything is negotiable.

Negotiation is at the heart of a debt workout, and although it can feel like a battle, it allows you to battle in the business arena and at the end prosper.

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