Bardwell Creative has created this first-of-its-kind course to teach business owners how to permanently settle their merchant cash advances, bank loans, unsecured loans, vendor debts, and secured commercial loans as low as 10% of the original loan amount. In just a few days, business owners can disengage from daily, weekly and monthly withdrawals and regain control of cash flow.


  • $101,281 settled for $10,000
  • $33,739 settled for $6,000
  • $12,860 settled for $2,500

Phase I: Control Your Cash Flow

  • Protect your accounts from seizure
  • Prepare for the creditor’s lies and threats
  • Create a system to communicate with creditors
  • Track your numbers and stay three steps ahead

Phase II: Contact Creditors

    • Stop creditor harassment
    • Settlement guidelines
    • Summons, judgements, and 406 notices
    • Deal with held receivables and frozen accounts

Phase III: Stalling

      • Create hardship documentation using our templates
      • Download bank statements and learn WHAT to redact
      • Stall your creditors using our templates

Phase IV: Settlement Negotiation

        • Negotiate a settlement using our flowchartExample:
        • Did the creditor accept your offer?
If NO: 1.7 – Continue to Q4.
If YES: 1.8 – Skip to “Phase 4 – Finalizing Settlement.”

Did you receive a counteroffer from the creditor?

If NO: 1.9 – Use a “Counteroffer Requests” email template 
If YES: 2.0 – Use a “Replies to an Offer” email templates

Finalize the Settlement


A Peek Inside the Course.


Category: Course Price

Until now, the only options for small businesses struggling with debt have been to declare bankruptcy, hire a debt relief agency, or an attorney. These specialists often require a monthly retainer that may last for months or years, and bankruptcy often destroys the business. Our course eliminates the need for any of these options, and the one-time cost of the course, $2500, is less than the average monthly retainer fees of other companies.


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