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Bardwell Creative has created this first-of-its-kind course to teach business owners how to permanently settle their merchant cash advances, bank loans, unsecured loans, vendor debts, and secured commercial loans as low as 10% of the original loan amount. Business owners can disengage from daily, weekly, and monthly withdrawals and regain cash flow control in just a few days.

MCA Debt Relief

Along with Merchant Cash Advance debt relief, the course is a system that allows you to settle most business debt for a fraction of what you owe.
You’ll learn how to:

  • Permanently settle your Merchant Cash Advance debt for as low as 10% of what you owe
  • Settle other business debts, such as loans from family and friends, unsecured loans, vendor debts, and secured commercial loans
  • Take control of your cash flow

The course is designed for business owners who:

  • Owe more than $10,000 in business debt
  • Have tried to negotiate with their lenders but haven’t been successful
  • Are struggling to make daily or monthly payments

The Bardwell Creative team has experience dealing with every kind of business debt. We are now teaching business owners how to get out of business debt on their own.

Business Debt Resolution

The online course is easy to follow and can be completed in a few days and includes:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to get out of business debt
  • Email templates and scripts for negotiating with lenders
  • Financial analysis tools to help you understand your options

Once you complete the course, you will have the ability to permanently settle your merchant cash advance debt, unsecured business loans, and other business debts as low as 10% of the original loan amount. You will also know how to avoid future debt traps and build a strong foundation for your business.

  • $101,281 settled for $10,000
  • $33,739 settled for $6,000
  • $12,860 settled for $2,500

Phase I: Control Your Cash Flow

  • Protect your accounts from seizure
  • Prepare for the creditor’s lies and threats
  • Create a system to communicate with creditors
  • Track your numbers and stay three steps ahead

Phase III: Stalling

  • Create hardship documentation using our templates
  • Download bank statements and learn WHAT to redact
  • Stall your creditors using our templates

Phase II: Contact Creditors

    • Stop creditor harassment
    • Settlement guidelines
    • Summons, judgements, and 406 notices
    • Deal with held receivables and frozen accounts

Phase IV: Settlement Negotiation

Did you receive a counteroffer from the creditor?

If NO: 1.9 – Use a “Counteroffer Requests” email template 
If YES: 2.0 – Use a “Replies to an Offer” email templates



Peek Inside the Course


Account Seizure

Category: Account Seizure

You might have signed a contract giving a creditor the right to seize any funds repeatedly. If you default and your creditor knows your bank accounts locations, they can (will) seize your money without prior notification. This course shows you how to minimize that risk.

Category: Account Seizure

Yes, they can and will because they do not distinguish between what money gets assigned to payroll or anything else. Creditors and collectors do not care.


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